“We feel great honor to work under the umbrella of “Allied school educational system” (A project of Punjab Group of Colleges) which is role model for educational system working in Pakistan. Allied school have 1038 + branches and delivering its best possible services enabling the schools to educate the students to moral and educational at national and international level.
The aim of Allied school city campus Mardan is to provide out class education enabling the students to convert their weaknesses to strength and create better opportunity for future competition threats.
We belief in discipline, manners, educational and social affairs, which can built our nation truly. Conceptual studies through practical knowledge are one of the major aims of our professional staff, which is planted in our school system.
Coaching, training and mentoring is being done on regular basis to our working staff so that they can deliver their best knowledge to our students
We belief that hard work is the key to success; therefore, it is our duty to give confidence to our students and provide them such an world class friendly environment so that they can work with confidence and enthusiasm to achieve their multi dimensional goals set for their future. “


01, National Level Competitions - Class I-X
06, Anti Corruption Day (Assembly Presentation) Class I-X
07, People Who Help Us | Playgroup | Assessment II (Class I – VII)
08, Sports Gala | Preschool
10,Human Rights Day (Assembly Presentation) Class I-X
13,Annual Examination (Class VIII)
15,Parent -Teacher Meeting | Preschool
20,Safety Day (Assembly Presentation) | Preschool
22,Parent-Teacher Meeting(Class I – VII) | Sports Day- Class I-X
24,Winter Vacation | Preschool - X
31,Result Day (Class VIII)
01, School Reopens | Preschool - X
11, Mental Math Quiz- Class I-X
14, Competitions Preschool
25, Fancy Dress Show | Preschool
04, Transport Day | Preschool
05, Kashmir Day* Gazetted Holiday
06, Kashmir Day (Assembly Presentation) Class I-X
07, Annual Term Assessment (Class I – III) Annual Examination (Class IV – VII)
12, Friendship Day | Preschool
23, Result Day | Preschool - VII
25, Spring Break | Preschool - VII

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